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Insomnia isn't all bad.

Insomnia's a bitch but I'm not going to start off by saying how long I've had it for, what I've taken for it or how I gave up on using medication, because it's all a bit repetitive isn't it? You know you don't want to hear about it anyway :P

I think my "awake time" is clocking a good old fashioned 67 hours and 30 minutes and counting. One of the most annoying things about insomnia is that you lose all track of time, and you don't even realise how many hours you've spent trying to get to sleep by picking up that book on your bedside table, or how many words you've made from the word deprived. It's only until you realise that the album youve left on repeat has probably started again for the fouth time in a row that the sun has come up and the birds have already started singing. It's true.

Anyway, I decided to post some of the pictures I took earlier on my "awake time", because it combines some of the things I like the most: my room, photography, night time, long exposures, a bit of randomness and energy to run around my room in the dark.

IMG_0031 IMG_0028 IMG_0017
IMG_0027 IMG_0023
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Deleted comment

Thank you

very interesting pictures! i like them a lot! and, btw, insomnia IS a b-i-t-c-h .. bitch!
<3, hayley
Thank you, and yup insomnia is definitely one hell of a bitch. :P