- (sccrbrs6) wrote in insomniacsunite,

its 3:45am. its been 4 nights, i have yet to sleep at all and its driving me insane. i've tried taking a few different meds, avoided caffeine altogether and have stayed out of my bedroom but nothing is working. i'm beginning to think this will never end.

i’ve had sleep problems my entire life but its getting worse each year. i’d do just about anything to be able to sleep.
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Try exercising during the day: walking, jogging, whatever you like to do.

how's your diet? Are you eating healthy?
i already exercise regularly and eat healthy. i drink plenty of water and make sure if i'm not getting enough nutrients (which happens sometimes due to severe food allergies) i take supplements.

at this point i'm convinced there is something wrong with my brain.
Three things I've found that helped:

Going on a gluten free diet. After about a month, my anxiety went way down, and I started to sleep more deeply, readily, and regularly than I had for many years. Found out later through reading medical abstracts and summaries that anxiety and gluten intolerance are closely linked; those of us who are gluten intolerant and go on a gluten free diet report a significant decrease in anxiety, even if we've had it for decades.

Giving up coffee (though I still drink tea and Pepsi). Why coffee is different than tea? I have no idea. It makes no sense. All I know is that I sleep more readily and deeply off coffee than on it, and I dream and remember my dreams now, too.

Taking a Vitamin D supplement a couple hours before I want to be able to sleep. 2 400 mg tablets. Really seems to make a difference. Have also tried Lysine supplements with the same outcome.

Maybe something here will be of use. Maybe you've already tried it.

My body seems to think that a "day" is somewhere between 23 and 27 hours long, and "sleep" is 7-9 hours of horizontal rest. If I've been up 48 hours (happens with anxiety or gluten exposure), I'll sleep 12-15 hours. Every 3rd "day", my wake/sleep schedule seems to reverse from what it was, and I'm up when others are sleeping, and asleep when the rest of this time zone is awake. I've tried exercise, healthy diet, using a sunlight simulator, etc.

I am also a highly sensitive person. Sometimes I think insomnia is a protective mechanism; gives me a chunk of quiet time when I'm not picking up the vibes of those around me.