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Hello I'm Rosey. 16.
I think my insomnia had been developing over the last couple of years.
But recently it's gotten really bad. For me anyway. I got some sleep last
night so I feel better. Does anyone find when they do eventually sleep
for long enough they have really weird dreams?

Last night for instance I had a dream where me and some friends were
transported to an alternate universe where this king controlled everything
and kept records of everything that happened in this underground cave thing
covered in vines. Then it turns out that the king was controlled by rip van winkling
and his children who were made out of white vines. Then he transported us to
another universe where we were to be spies looking out for corruption there because
it was a carnival/competition universe and our friend was competing there and she
looked like sailor pluto/snow white but grown up and human and we rode around
the tents of the competitors on a slow roller coaster then we went into this spinning
bird atriem and we kept spinning and i was controlling the spinning with rod thing
and we started to rock back and forth and then we fell into the crowd below and killed
lots of people and there were all these dead bodies and some were little children but
there were like 50 dead people and there was blood everywhere. Me and my friend in
the dream just broke down cause we thought it was our fault. Then I looked at my two
other friends but their faces were hidden by this canopy that had sunk down but I could
see below their faces. Then it ended.

Anyway I hope everyone can sleep tonight.
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