Tim (forced_life1983) wrote in insomniacsunite,

 hello all. tim. 23. brighton, uk. and i am an insomniac. always feels better to let it out. :P
my situation is that even with sleep aids, i don't sleep. no matter how much i excercise and eat balanced meals at what my doctor said would be the right time, its rare i get more than 3 hours in any given 24hour period. i don't know what else to try. everything my doctor recomended hasn't worked so here i am, seeking out advice from my fellow sufferers. 
if you can give me any advice on getting some more sleep then i will be forever in your debt. and believe me when i say that i have tried a lot of different things. physical exertion, over the counter sleep aids, prescription stuff etc. i'm at a loss.

any ideas??? thanks in advance
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