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Can't blink... might miss something..

Ello there, i joined tonight. I've been an insomniac for 8 years now. The last time i had a sound sleep was before my Trazodone script ran out. I have been on a few sleeping aids, but the only combination that worked for me was Trazodone combined with Melatonin and my singulair before bed. Sadly my insurance ran out two years ago so i have been trying to make due on 3-4 hours of sleep every few days.

This trend has made it very hard to keep jobs and friends. Apparently no one wants to be around someone who looks like a racoon all the time >_< The combination of no sleep and my allergies to everything under the sun have left dark marks under my eyes for most of my life.

Some things i do to pass the time at night is wander the internet, watch and re-watch my collection of movies, go for walks and loiter at the only 24 hour place in town(the shell station in the center)

Its nice to find a semi-frequently updated insomniac community, i hope to make myself at home.

If anyone else is up all night on the east coast drop me a line. If i'm home then i am always signed on.

aim- whispernaut
yahoo- oni_doll
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