Michelle (i_broke_it_) wrote in insomniacsunite,

I did something semi-kinda-not-really usefull with my insomnia and catalogued my books on http://www.librarything.com. What do you do with your insomnia?
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You've got to make the most of the unlimited rentals after all.
Putter on LJ.
Blitz through recordings on my TiVo and refine preferences.
Download updates for my computer.
Window shop online, abandoning the shopping cart before checkout.
Read esoteric self-help texts.
Do laundry.
Take luxurious showers.
Make lists.
Write email.
Talk with my spirit guides.
Groom the cats.
Well, after giving up of just lying there trying to go to sleep, I usually pick up my camera and mess around, go for a walk in my local area, clean/organise things, play scrabble on my own (yeah, I'm wild I am), read a book (or the dictionary) or listen to music. Lately though I've been wasting my time with origami.

What else do you do?