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Hey all. I'm a 21 year old girl who can't sleep. I have a job that makes me wake up at 5:20am most days, but other random days not until 11am. I used to be able to fall asleep normally, but in the past year or so I've developed insomnia. I can never fall asleep when I need to, even if I'm tired. Taking naps doesn't work b/c I can't time them. Most people can set their alarm for an hour or so, but I may not even be asleep an hour after I lay down. I can fall asleep when I'm very tired and when I don't need to be up at any time in the near future. When I try to fall asleep any other time my mind just keeps running and won't stop. Then I get uncomfortable- too hot, too cold, itchy, you know. When I can't sleep but I'm trying to, any light or noise will bother me, no matter how small. I drink very little caffeine even though I work in a coffee shop (sounds great I know, but coffee screws with my stomach and bladder), use my bed just for sleeping and sex, all the usual things doctors say. I used to take meds for depression but no longer. I have a lot of anxiety, which doesn't help the situation.

I don't take sleeping pills b/c I'm afraid of becoming dependent. A doctor (who was a customer) told me that Lunesta isn't habit forming. What about stuff like tylonal PM? I'm poor and would rather not pay the money for a doctor's visit and a prescription.
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