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[01 Mar 2008|12:37am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hello I'm Rosey. 16.
I think my insomnia had been developing over the last couple of years.
But recently it's gotten really bad. For me anyway. I got some sleep last
night so I feel better. Does anyone find when they do eventually sleep
for long enough they have really weird dreams?

Anyway I hope everyone can sleep tonight.
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[04 Sep 2007|09:43am]

 hello all. tim. 23. brighton, uk. and i am an insomniac. always feels better to let it out. :P
my situation is that even with sleep aids, i don't sleep. no matter how much i excercise and eat balanced meals at what my doctor said would be the right time, its rare i get more than 3 hours in any given 24hour period. i don't know what else to try. everything my doctor recomended hasn't worked so here i am, seeking out advice from my fellow sufferers. 
if you can give me any advice on getting some more sleep then i will be forever in your debt. and believe me when i say that i have tried a lot of different things. physical exertion, over the counter sleep aids, prescription stuff etc. i'm at a loss.

any ideas??? thanks in advance
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[17 Aug 2007|01:17pm]

So, valerian root and melatonin made me just relaxed enough that I don't toss and turn. No good deep sleep though. I'm having some crazy dreams though. I'm not being a bitch anymore though, and my sex drive came back. Hopefully I can get some rest over the weekend, I can usually get to sleep during the day.
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[15 Aug 2007|04:34pm]

I've had sleep issues since I was a small child. I don't think I ever slept through the night then, I had horrible nightmares. Middle school was horrible, stress caused me not to be able to sleep at all, and my mother withheld any sleep medication from me. The same happened in high school, except that with my own car and money I could now purchase medication to help me sleep. After moving in with my boyfriend over a year ago I slept the best I ever had. I didn't wake up constantly, and toss and turn. Then our husky died, my insomnia instantly returned. I didn't actually connect this event to it up until a month ago. I started taking tylenol pm, and then unisom because it was cheaper. I slept, but was very hung over in the morning. Lately I have been kind of a bitch, snapping at my boyfriend, not interested in sex, or talking, or anything really. We went to Pittsburgh over the weekend, where I didn't take any sleep aids, I normally don't when we go out of town because I can always sleep on vacation. I was a completely different person then I had been lately. So I decided when we got back I would stop taking the meds. Now I am only falling fast asleep when light comes in through my window at dawn, with patches of "sleep" during the night. I'm going to try melatonin this evening, I just really don't want to take anything that will alter my mood. We'll see.
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[22 Jul 2007|10:57pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

So...I've been out of town...and away from home for a while.  It was odd, first week of being away from home I would lay down and fall asleep before the second CD on the stereo would've started, I'd wake up a few times each night though and toss and turn, but still. actual sleep.  Then we go on a vacation within the vacation. To the Coast. First night...no sleep at all. I thought it was just considering that I was on a couch, wanted to stay optimistic.  Second night no sleep.  2 days no sleep, I couldn't lie to myself.  Insomnia was back, and my trazadone was all the way home.  Well here I am, its 2 weeks later, still out of town, and the most sleep I get in a night is around 3 hours.  The circles are back underneath my eyes, my aunt is questioning if I am taknig drugs again.  
                  The haze of thought I walk through each day I just cant runaway from it.  All I do now is sit outside and draw, or zone out on the computer.  I have few friends here at my cousin's house...and if we are to hang out we play cards, life, or monopoly and on Friday we went to a concert.  But really....I want to be able to fall asleep again.  I want to be able to wake up feeling refreshed.  Or maybe, someone to stay awake with me and listen to my scattered thoughts, which probably should be dreams.

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[29 May 2007|01:21am]

The pattern of insomnia is consistent...

I lie down to got to sleep and feel drowsy. I successfully sleep for only a few minutes and then suddenly I "jolt" awake for unknown reasons. After that, I lie completely awake with no drowsy feeling whatsoever. Then the vicious circle of the anxiety of wanting sleep which negates any possibility of feeling tired again kicks in. Then all I'm left with is my thoughts of what's going on in my life and I start to worry or feel angry about things, which of course takes me even further from sleep.

Sound familiar? When it's 1:28am (like it is now) and you need to sleep, what do you do?
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Watching "Thank you for smoking" [06 Feb 2007|12:03am]

- Jeff, When do you sleep?
-- Sundays..
- ...
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[30 Jan 2007|08:33pm]


My name is Klandy. And I'm a highschool student in Indonesia. Currently I am writing a paper about insomnia. I am wondering if you guys could help me. Can you tell me about:



How long have you had insomnia?

How insomnia affect you daily life and your social life?

What do you do to cure insomnia or make it stop or getting sleep?

What do you do to avoid or prevent insomnia?

my email is klandy.klandy@yahoo.com

Thank you very much for your help! :) For the people who help me, I will put your names in my paper.
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[14 Dec 2006|05:26pm]

anoninsomnia is a personal, anonymous journal where I express the thoughts insomnia create.
I'm hoping to be an extremely unique, and successful journal.

It would be much appreciated if you were to take a look at my profile, and "friends only" page, where there is a little more information on what I'm doing, and why.

Thank you.
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[02 Dec 2006|12:24am]

cant sleep. i havent had this problem in along time. melotonin's been wearing off recently. i'm breaking shabbos, but i hardly give a shit anymore. im really fucked up mentally and physically. i mean ehre the hell is god if he's not going to help? acch.
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it's baaaa-aaaack! [31 Aug 2006|08:50am]

The insomnia is back, just in time for school to start. (no, I'm not stressed out about the start of school, I'm actually looking forward to it)

I guess I have to remember to call Dr Thakur's office while I'm on campus this morning and see if I can book in an appointment to see him again.

At least I was able to get rid of some of the sleep deficit this summer, and I'm in too good of a mood to let this bother me. Hopefully it's just a glitch in the system and will sort itself out again.
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Can't blink... might miss something.. [01 Aug 2006|07:36am]

[ mood | awake ]

Ello there, i joined tonight. I've been an insomniac for 8 years now. The last time i had a sound sleep was before my Trazodone script ran out. I have been on a few sleeping aids, but the only combination that worked for me was Trazodone combined with Melatonin and my singulair before bed. Sadly my insurance ran out two years ago so i have been trying to make due on 3-4 hours of sleep every few days.

This trend has made it very hard to keep jobs and friends. Apparently no one wants to be around someone who looks like a racoon all the time >_< The combination of no sleep and my allergies to everything under the sun have left dark marks under my eyes for most of my life.

Some things i do to pass the time at night is wander the internet, watch and re-watch my collection of movies, go for walks and loiter at the only 24 hour place in town(the shell station in the center)

Its nice to find a semi-frequently updated insomniac community, i hope to make myself at home.

If anyone else is up all night on the east coast drop me a line. If i'm home then i am always signed on.

aim- whispernaut
yahoo- oni_doll

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[11 Jul 2006|01:27am]

[ mood | awake ]

i'm new. i've had insomnia on and off since the 8th grade- i am now a college sophomore.

my freshman year of college, which just passed, i developed a seious bout of insomnia (which is still affecting me) which resulted in a decline in my school work and several break downs.

i take ambien, 10 mg, but i think i might need a higher perscription because it doesn't put me out the way i would like it too.

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Red eyes. [10 Jul 2006|07:01am]


Ok. So I find myself sleeping a few hours every other day.
The only times that I can get a full 8 is by drinking.
So I was wondering if anyone can share a good tip
without having to resort to sleeping pills or more drinking.


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Insomnia isn't all bad. [06 Jul 2006|09:33am]

[ mood | tired ]

Insomnia's a bitch but I'm not going to start off by saying how long I've had it for, what I've taken for it or how I gave up on using medication, because it's all a bit repetitive isn't it? You know you don't want to hear about it anyway :P

I think my "awake time" is clocking a good old fashioned 67 hours and 30 minutes and counting. One of the most annoying things about insomnia is that you lose all track of time, and you don't even realise how many hours you've spent trying to get to sleep by picking up that book on your bedside table, or how many words you've made from the word deprived. It's only until you realise that the album youve left on repeat has probably started again for the fouth time in a row that the sun has come up and the birds have already started singing. It's true.

Anyway, I decided to post some of the pictures I took earlier on my "awake time", because it combines some of the things I like the most: my room, photography, night time, long exposures, a bit of randomness and energy to run around my room in the dark.

IMG_0031 IMG_0028 IMG_0017
IMG_0027 IMG_0023
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[28 Jun 2006|05:13am]

I did something semi-kinda-not-really usefull with my insomnia and catalogued my books on http://www.librarything.com. What do you do with your insomnia?
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new here [22 Jun 2006|04:38am]

Hey all. I'm a 21 year old girl who can't sleep. I have a job that makes me wake up at 5:20am most days, but other random days not until 11am. I used to be able to fall asleep normally, but in the past year or so I've developed insomnia. I can never fall asleep when I need to, even if I'm tired. Taking naps doesn't work b/c I can't time them. Most people can set their alarm for an hour or so, but I may not even be asleep an hour after I lay down. I can fall asleep when I'm very tired and when I don't need to be up at any time in the near future. When I try to fall asleep any other time my mind just keeps running and won't stop. Then I get uncomfortable- too hot, too cold, itchy, you know. When I can't sleep but I'm trying to, any light or noise will bother me, no matter how small. I drink very little caffeine even though I work in a coffee shop (sounds great I know, but coffee screws with my stomach and bladder), use my bed just for sleeping and sex, all the usual things doctors say. I used to take meds for depression but no longer. I have a lot of anxiety, which doesn't help the situation.

I don't take sleeping pills b/c I'm afraid of becoming dependent. A doctor (who was a customer) told me that Lunesta isn't habit forming. What about stuff like tylonal PM? I'm poor and would rather not pay the money for a doctor's visit and a prescription.
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[04 Jun 2006|03:53am]

its 3:45am. its been 4 nights, i have yet to sleep at all and its driving me insane. i've tried taking a few different meds, avoided caffeine altogether and have stayed out of my bedroom but nothing is working. i'm beginning to think this will never end.

i’ve had sleep problems my entire life but its getting worse each year. i’d do just about anything to be able to sleep.
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[01 Jun 2006|07:48am]


I'm back to not sleeping at all. I woke up completely last night at about 3:15am, and laid there for the rest of the night until my alarm went off at approx 7:30am.

How am I gonna make it through another school year? (and another, and another, and another...)
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[10 May 2006|02:45pm]

I had my followup with the sleep clinic today. The plan is to go to bed 3 hours later every day (I get to sleep if I go to bed at 5am, so I'd do that... then 8am, etc) until I was going to bed at a decent time. He gave me a prescription for zopiclone (immovane), to use if I start having problems once I'm going to bed in the afternoon, that I really wish I hadn't filled because
a) it's addictive, so I don't want to end up depending on it and
b) I've used it before and it doesn't work on me.

Once I'm going to bed at a decent time, I will start using "light therapy", which means that I will be buying a special light box that I have to sit in front of (glancing at it occassionally, but always having it directly in front of me) while I have breakfast or whathaveyou. This, combined with wearing sunglasses outside, will help train my brain to know that it's supposed to be awake at a certain time.

Hopefully it works.
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